Wir hoffen bis bald.

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How it all Began


We used to daydream that one day we’d own a bed & breakfast as both our backgrounds are in hospitality and Jean-Claude, Nathalie’s dad has lived all his working life in the industry. We always thought this might be something that could be right for us and our family.

We met in London in the late 90ties, where Anthony worked in a restaurant at the time and Nathalie worked as a receptionist in the Hilton learning English. One and a half years turned into fifteen and one big move to  Zürich, a gap stop in Möhlin, we ended up in the town Nathalie grew up and her family still lives in.

This is when we opened Ambrosia Bed & Breakfast in our family home, renting out three bedrooms. Our small affordable single bedrooms soon became popular and we welcomed many guests. Our guests ranged from solo business travelers, course attendees and teachers, family visiting, cyclist, Kung-Fu students, chocolate maker in training from Kenya and and and… in the 5 years we got to meet many interesting people from all over the world and it turned into a great experience which showed us, we love running a bed & breakfast!

Three and a half years in we knew it was right for us but we also knew our five year lease would not be extended. At the same time there was a new development being built which is when Nathalie’s dad ask the question: why not contact them to see if they would build a bigger bed & breakfast? The swift no on the phone did not stop us thinking about it. As luck would have it, a new development in our road was announced, right opposite our house. This time the response was very different and after the call with Densa Immobilien, the feeling of ‘it’s too good to be true’  stayed with us for a long time.

The too good to be true feeling persisted for a while and then turned into excitement and a dream became reality.

We’ll be opening our doors to Ambrosia Guesthouse in January 2020 and are excited to meet many new people and make many new memories.


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